Watts Projections Limited is a consultancy business whose principal purpose is to project your business into the future.  We specialise in two specific services... one is business consultancy, aimed at helping clients with their business endeavours through assistance with business strategies, tactics, business planning, financial planning, budgeting, developing business policies, procedures and processes. 

Since 2001, we have provided business solutions, strategic development and business planning to give you confidence in your business future and the path to realize your business goals.  Watts Projections provides independent analysis to assess the feasibility of projects, products, ideas, and help plan small to medium sized businesses. 

It takes strategy, forethought and business planning to survive in business.  That is precisely Watts Projections' area of expertise.  The advantage of using Watts Projections is that you don't need to compile a business plan yourself... we will do that for you!  We will take your ideas and make them a reality for you.... giving you the guidance and experience you need to project your business into the future.

The other service provided is energy consultancy, aimed at helping clients obtain energy savings, which equate directly to cost savings for your business.  Watts Projections Limited provides independent energy auditing and energy management planning which allows industrial and commercial businesses to make informed decisions when selecting an energy supplier, managing pricing options, negotiating supply agreements and obtaining energy efficiency and savings. As the interface with knowledge within the electricity and gas sectors, Watts Projections Limited will work with you to gain energy savings for your business.

Contact us now by phoning 06-765-8341 or email to tony@wattsprojections.co.nz